Basic Omelette

I just love a wide variety of omelettes as quick solutions for lunch and dinner, and so easy to modify for greater variety! Besides being delicious and highly versatile, eggs are enormously nutrient dense with a load of bioavailable protein and great fats. They also contain a variety of micronutrients and are generally considered one …

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Cinnamon Omelett

Yeah, I admit this might seem a little odd, yet, frankly, it´s just delicious! And so fast and easy to make… I came home rather late yesterday and just wanted something different as a quick snack before bed time, this idea turned out amazing and when I´m back on some carbs again I´ll try adding …

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“Fat Coffee”

Hey there, gals and guys! First post out in this section is my favorite “breakfast” when I´m slightly hungry or feel the need for some nutritional energy in the morning – a frothed mug of deliciously fat rich coffee! Make sure You use organic coffee, as most of the standard brands are loaded with pesticides, …

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