Benefit from age-old traditions

Joint mobility®️ originate from the ancient Indian and Persian warrior and wrestler traditions and thereby share their origin with the other traditions like yoga and similar practices. In those days the only people who had any business working out were actually warriors in times of peace and athletes, who were often specially trained warriors in the first place.

Joint mobility®️ is a system for active movement training which can: 

  • release tenison
  • relax muscles
  • lubricate the joints
  • increase flexibility
  • prevent injuries

Now you can benefit from the practices of ancient heroes!

The main advantage is the active movement, meaning that the joint always moves under control of the muscles in a dynamic motion lubricating the joints in addition to lengthening the muscles.

This combined impact on both joints and musculature, together with the option of focusing on single joints or areas is particularly effective and superior to many other systems of movement.

Learning this Joint mobility®️ gives you the capacity to effectively and smoothly deal with afflicted areas in just mere minutes per day.

Use Joint mobility®️ as part of your regular warm up, together with your family or as a fun and healthy way of spending a break. Using Joint mobility®️ on a regular basis, or when you feel an increased need, can save you lots of pain, discomfort and even money and provide great confidence in your ability to deal with most minor insults to muscles and joints.

Not to mention feeling younger and being able to exercise, play and race more safely!

The Joint mobility®️ course provides you with access to videos with training instructions.